About the Project

«Tamırlar» is a multimedia platform that aims to collect deportation stories that will be told by the people who survived this terrible tragedy.

On May 18, 1944, the indigenous people of Crimea were deported from their homes.

A new generation of the Crimean Tatars was born in exile in distant Uzbekistan. But together with their parents they came a difficult and long way home – a path filled with non-violent resistance, rallies, protests, millions of appeals and petitions, hunger strikes, years of prisons and detention camps.

The next generation of the Crimean Tatars was born on the border between exile and homeland, between the Soviet Union and independent Ukraine.

Now they also have children. And the most important question we’re asking ourselves is, what will these children know about the deportation? Who will tell them about it? Probably no one will make it like the ones who survived this tragedy. The ones who were thrown into the freight cars in the early age, who in early childhood knew orphanhood and hunger, who survived in the cold forests of the Urals, for whom the orphanage became a salvation, because there at least you can get food.

We’d like to put these stories together in one place – on a website. So don’t let anybody try to rewrite the history, tell about what happened to all the generations to come and don’t let them to forget.

That’s why we want every Crimean Tatar to take part in this project. It’s important for all of us – for our children, for our grandparents. This is important for our past, but most importantly for our future.




The history of your ancestors is important for the future of our people!


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Project Team

Alim Aliev

Author of the idea, Coordinator

Elvira Karaieva

Assistant Coordinator

Mavile Khalil


Ahmedi-Ernes Sarikhalil


QaraDeniz Production


Gulnara Bekirova

Historical Consultant

Elnara Gvardiya


Sevil Yunus


Aziz Ametov

Web Designer

Zarema Yaliboylu

Special Project Photographer

Rustem Eminov

In the site design were used works of an artist Rustem Eminov

Said Emiruseinov

Web Developer